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Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) is a nutrient supplement

Date : 2016/11/7 11:34:39

The brain is at the center of memory, thought, judgment, awareness, and emotion, so it is important to support brain health, which ensures physical activity. There are a variety of brain supplements can help maintain the health of the brain.

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5): Neurons do not have the ability to divide, which means that these cells do not regenerate after death. Therefore, it is important to keep these cells alive. The study found that nerve cell death is due to reduced blood circulation caused. Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) is a nutrient supplement that helps increase blood circulation in the brain. This also increases the tolerance of the brain to ischemia and hypoxia, and can inhibit phosphodiesterase.

Acetyl-L-leucine: This is a nutrient that enhances the secretion of acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter for intracellular communication. In addition, acetyl L-also participate in cell energy production.

Huperzine A: Huperzine A has been approved for the treatment of Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's disease memory loss. This brain supplement can effectively inhibit the decomposition of neurotransmitter acetylcholine enzyme.

Choline and phospholipid Serine: These two nutritional supplements are important for enriching the phospholipid content of brain cells. These ingredients can be added to enhance acetylcholine in the brain cells and help to improve memory. Phosphatidylserine can significantly reduce cortisol levels, thereby releasing stress. In chronic stress, cortisol levels tend to be higher.

Pyroglutamic acid: pyroglutamic acid is present in the brain, cerebrospinal fluid and blood in one of the main essential amino acids. As a brain supplement, it can improve the memory and cognitive function of the brain.