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Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) and Ginkgo biloba

Date : 2016/11/2 11:39:21

Ginkgo biloba has been studied for decades, it has to help promote brain blood circulation, improve memory and attention of the benefits. But recent studies have begun to focus on the combination of ginkgo biloba and vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5), resulting in a known "new ginkgo" component, can have an impact on the brain circulation and the body.

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) for more than 20 years of medical applications, it can help the treatment of vascular and mental disorders such as aging. Through the promotion of cerebral circulation, improve the brain to absorb nutrients, to achieve the purpose of treatment of disease. It is the same with the benefits of Ginkgo biloba. More than 100 human studies of vinpocetine, including Ginkgo biloba combined with vinpocetine to improve memory and cognitive function.

The key to understanding the benefits of both components is how they work together. It is known that combination of vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) and ginkgo leaves can improve cognitive health and brain function. This translates into improved memory, concentration and health. These benefits are due to an increase in the blood circulation of the brain and the nutrients it carries. These two components also increase the ability of brain cells to absorb and exercise nutrients. Therefore, the more you use, the more benefits your brain gains.

Ginkgo biloba containing vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) can be found in the local health care products store, or even on the Internet. These products eliminate the need to purchase multiple nutritional supplements separately. Best of all, it can be taken at once after getting up and at bedtime. The supplements can be taken with or without food, because it will not interfere with or affect the brain circulation effect.