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The benefits and effects of vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5)

Date : 2016/11/1 11:12:30

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) is a nutraceutical product derived from vinblastine (Vinca). The health benefits are described in detail below.

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) can be taken alone, or mixed with vitamin C and other ingredients to enhance bioavailability. It has been shown to promote neuronal plasticity because it can be combined with a choline or choline derivative to promote neurotransmission. About three people benefit from vinpocetine: older adults with severe memory loss, older adults, and children who want to improve their memory by improving their academic performance. The benefits of vinpocetine include:

Promote short-term and long-term memory:

Vinpocetine's main role is to enhance memory and cognitive ability, and also refreshing effect. People experiencing temporary or long-term memory loss can benefit from vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5). It can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation and oxygen utilization.

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Pneumonia is generally treated with steroids, but there are harmful side effects. However, vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) has a strong anti-inflammatory properties and therefore helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs. It is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Treatment of hair loss:

Because vinpocetine is a natural brain vasodilator, it is effective in the treatment of hair loss. If hair loss for a long time, you can try to use vinpocetine. It has no side effects and therefore has a protective effect on the hair.

Treatment of dizziness and hearing impairment:

Dizziness is a motion sickness, will feel dizzy. These symptoms can sometimes persist for a long time, causing distress to the patient. It is often caused by otitis media. Under normal circumstances, it can disappear in a week or so, but it can last more than a month. It has been demonstrated that vinpocetine is the best drug for the treatment of dizziness and hearing impairment associated with auditory and other ear diseases.

To improve cognitive ability:

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) promotes blood circulation and strengthens neuronal plasticity, thus helping to improve cognitive function, especially in the elderly.

Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) dose:

Although it is the best drug to enhance your memory and attention, you should consult your doctor about the correct dose. Recommended for the first time take 5 mg of vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) tablets to see whether the body has an allergic reaction; sure no adverse reactions and then increased to 10 mg dose.