News Introduction

Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) benefits and effects for studying and learning

Date : 2016/9/29 11:13:06

Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) cognition is better than piracetam in increases memory and overall, protects the brain, and has been reported to enhance physical performance. 

Due to its strong effects and potent nature, phenylpiracetam is a great addition to any nootropic stack. Specifically, students may benefit the most due to its stimulating and motivating nature. Especially, it provides an increased tolerance to stress which is a valuable bonus alongside the general increased cognition. Some thing you may know, phenylpiracetam has even been given to Russian soldiers and astronauts for its ability to enhance the performance of both the mind and body.

In studies, phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) has shown the following effects:

Improve memory, attention-switching, and problem-solving skills in patients with asthenia.
Increase locomotor and antidepressant activity and improve memory in rats.
Shown to prevent and reduce the effects of Amnesia.
Ability to suppress the anxiety and fear response in rats with induced immune stress.
Reported to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation for the duration of its effects by many users.

Reduces the effects of cold on our body by increasing ones tolerance to it.

For Studying and Learning:

The benefits of phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) are particularly useful for studying and learning.  Its stimulus is naturally a great one, otherwise deprived of sleep cramming sessions, pre-test focus aid, or just a general cognitive research enhancer. Its memory effect allows complete retention enhancement. Motivation and emotional enhancement make the general better for learning. Finally, its ability to reduce stress and anxiety effects allow for better studying under pressure.