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Vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) treatment of sudden deafness

Date : 2016/9/28 10:33:38

Recently, Guangxi Wuzhou City People's Hospital ENT researchers published papers to monitor vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) treatment of sudden deafness in patients with changes in hemorheology. Studies have shown that vinpocetine for sudden deafness in patients with hemorheology had a beneficial effect, to improve the local microcirculation of the ear play a positive clinical role. The article published on 2016 05, "Journal of Hainan Medical College" magazine.

A total of 68 patients with sudden deafness were randomly divided into control group (Salvia miltiorrhiza injection group) and observation group (vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) group), and the control group 34 cases. After treatment, the blood viscosity before and after treatment and other indicators were analyzed.

After 3, 7 and 14 days, the blood viscosity and other indexes of blood rheology in the observation group were significantly lower than those in the control group and before treatment (P <0.05).

Department of Neurology, First People's Hospital of Huizhou City, published a paper to explore vinpocetine(CAS 42971-09-5) as an adjunctive therapy with ozagrel sodium in the treatment of progressive ischemic stroke effect, and its effect on platelet activity. Studies have shown that vinpocetine can be used as a supplementary medication, with ozagrel sodium effective treatment of progressive ischemic stroke, can be effective anti-platelet aggregation, improve brain microcirculation, prevent thrombosis, worthy of clinical application . The article published in 2015 04 issue of "Heilongjiang Medical" magazine.