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Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) significantly improve memory

Date : 2016/9/12 10:47:34

The results showed that, phenylpiracetam (cas 77472-70-9) not only significantly improve the flexibility of working memory and thinking, but also can improve the behavior of the decision-making and planning. It is encouraging that for phenylpiracetam (cas 77472-70-9) research on emotions and side effects, the study suggests that 70% of the overall effect of the weak; some studies report insomnia, headaches, stomach pain and nausea and other side effects, However, the above phenomenon is also present in the placebo subjects.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathogenesis is very complex, half a century, along with in-depth study of AD, about AD diagnosis and treatment guidelines were constantly revised and improved, but so far its treatment is still difficult. The current international treatment guidelines include newly AD 2010 by the European Federation of Neurology (EFNS) guidelines released by Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and treatment, the latest dementia drugs in 2008 by the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) released treatment of clinical practice guidelines and Alzheimer's disease and other dementia treatment guidelines in 2007 by the American psychiatric Association (APA) published. In this paper, the relevant AD newly treatment guidelines to make a resolution, in order to guide the clinical standard treatment, reducing irrational drug use, maximize patient benefit.

In 2008 ACP and AAFP guidelines clear that although the treatment such as phenylpiracetam (cas 77472-70-9) can effectively control the progress of the disease, but it is difficult to make a significant improvement in the symptoms of patients and their families feel. EFNS guidelines and APA that the United AChEI memantine treatment is more effective than alone AChEI, role combination of the two mutually reinforcing. The results of research show that the combination of two kinds AChEIs appropriate doses are more used alone AChEI better efficacy.