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Tianeptine sodium (CAS 30123-17-2) for the improvement of IBS symptoms

Date : 2016/8/31 11:38:48

IBS patients quality of life: Bahar on teenagers use amitriptyline, found that tianeptine sodium (CAS 30123-17-2) and amy for forests to improve the overall quality of life of patients. Baki, etc, the study found imipramine can alleviate symptoms of IBS patients body, improve the quality of life. Andrew, etc, points out that using paroxetine can improve the patients' overall well-being, but for IBS symptoms and social functions have no obvious improvement.

Defecation: IBS can be divided into D - IBS, C - IBS, hybrid IBS (M - IBS) and undifferentiated IBS (U - IBS) four subtypes. TCAs can be extended by mouth by anticholinergic effects - cecum (OCTT) over time, reduce diarrhea in D - IBS patients; SSRIs, by increasing the concentration of 5 - HT shorten OCTT lumen, relieve C - IBS patients with constipation. Forooton on nortriptyline and amitriptyline in the treatment of IBS curative effect is studied, results show nortriptyline and amitriptyline on improving C -, D - IBS patients with IBS of defecation frequency are effective. Tack and so on, according to a study by tianeptine sodium (CAS 30123-17-2), citalopram strenuous and defecation urgency can improve defecation in patients with IBS and not feeling, but little effect on defecation frequency.

Mental disorders: Drossman study found that such as depression and anxiety mood can exacerbate IBS patients with intestinal discomfort, such as tianeptine sodium (CAS 30123-17-2) and laid out yesterday to have a mental disorder in patients with IBS, better. Ladabaum etc. The research also confirmed that citalopram for IBS patients with mental complication effect is remarkable, but without mental disorders of patients with curative effect is similar to a placebo. However, Mercier is put forward, such as antidepressant drugs in patients with IBS of normal mental is also highly beneficial. Physical and mental disorders affect each other, it is hard to separated the two, so the treatment of refractory IBS patients, improve their mental state can help alleviate symptoms of body. Research has shown that TCAs in the treatment of IBS dose is far less than the dose of antidepressant, speculated that its not by antidepressant effect alleviate symptoms of IBS, but SSRIs in the treatment of IBS dose and dose of antidepressant has no obvious difference, it is not clear whether its through indirect antidepressant effect in the treatment of IBS.