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1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) and the food industry

Date : 2016/8/31 11:29:54

Essence companies including 1,4-dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) companies, around the world have attached great importance to research and development, even for far more than in applied research and development of food industry. According to the statistics, the world's ten biggest spices company annual investment in research and development, general 5 ~ 10% of total sales. Such as: IFF company invested $97 million in 1997 to essence of scientific research and development work, accounting for 6% of sales; And Firmenich (Finn good pleasure) and Dragoco veyron (Germany) are about 10%. These huge sums of money are mainly used for the development of all kinds of new products, new technologies, such as synthetic technology, catalytic technology, high precision analysis technology, biological engineering, new separation and processing technology, the essence of new techniques and new dosage forms, etc., as a result, it promoted the rapid development and application of these technologies, accordingly, have also raised the threshold of the new company to enter spices industry.

The world's top 10 spice company are from Europe, North America and Asia, Japan, they are local sales accounts for only 30 ~ 50%. The rest of the accounts for 50 ~ 70% flavoring product sales of the sales to other countries and regions. Due to European, north American consumer market of spices &essential basic tends to saturation, and the demand is very strong in the asia-pacific region, the growth rate of 7.3% each year, far higher than the growth rate of 4.4% a year, so international companies break into the asia-pacific region, such as Danisco (Dennis) company will invest $3 million in Malaysia new perfumery plant, IFF (essence) international company has invested $29 million in hangzhou, China new perfumery plant, etc., which can be expected, will be increasingly fierce competition in the Asia Pacific region. 1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) will be increasingly fierce competition.