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3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde(cas 139-85-5) and some notes of the teratment of varicose veins

Date : 2016/8/29 11:18:50

3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde(cas 139-85-5) is one of the drugs that can treat varicose veins.

An increased risk for varicose veins
(1) deep vein thrombosis in patients with deep vein thrombosis, obstruction of deep venous return, increasing the burden on superficial vein, superficial vein compensatory expansion.
(2) pregnant women during pregnancy the uterus increases, oppression iliac vein, causing increased pressure in the veins, and varicose veins occur; at the same time, pelvic blood flow during pregnancy, affect blood return leg, the incidence is also one of the factors.
(3) pelvic tumors and tumor enlarged lymph nodes oppression iliac veins, causing venous hypertension, varicose veins apt to occur.
(4) workers engaged in regular standing teachers, salesmen, hostesses and staff need a long-standing, due to gravity, the blood pressure greatly acts on the venous valves, over time, make venous valve function is impaired, the blood can not be normal and reflux disease.
(5) Since the injured leg vein superficial vein wall and vein wall valve injury, healing may affect flexibility of the wall and valvular function, and varicose veins occur at the site of injury.
(6) the elderly and congenital vein wall weakness of the vein wall by the elderly began to degenerate, valve function is also weakened; congenital vein wall weakness who intravenous lack of flexibility, easy to slack, when the intravenous pressure increases, the lumen to dilate, causing venous valve insufficiency, blood down the back, increased venous pressure, so intravenous expand first, and then extend bent into vein nodules.

In addition to using 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde (cas 139-85-5) treatment of varicose veins, there are some things to note:

Prevention of varicose veins Note: 
1, Do the lower extremity vascular gymnastics.
2, Usually to enhance physical activity, enhance physical fitness; not long standing sedentary, avoid heavy physical exercise. 
3, To avoid shaping tights exacerbate the condition.
4, Long-distance travel by plane, train, every half an hour walk or a short leg-situ activities to promote venous return, conditional to wear medical compression stockings.
5, Prolonged standing working people, prolonged sunbathing, bath water temperature should not be too high, can be warmed. Preferably in the bath and then rinse with warm cold legs.
6. Other aspects: the need to quit smoking and prevent chronic cough, keep urine clear, female patients should not wear high heels.