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The stability of 1,4-dimethoxybenzene (cas 150-78-7)

Date : 2016/8/25 10:53:51

The stability of 1,4-dimethoxybenzene (cas 150-78-7) is mainly manifested in two aspects: First, they are in flavor or aroma and stability, which means that their aroma or flavor in a certain period of time and conditions next, whether substantially the same, there are significant changes. Second, whether its own chemical and physical properties of the medium (or matrix) in the stable, particularly in the store a certain time or when exposed to heat, light, or whether the case will change the quality of contact with the air, or essentially no difference . Both stability are interrelated or reciprocal causation. 

Stability of1,4-dimethoxybenzene (cas 150-78-7), examine the synthesis and single ion spices and natural flavors,respectively. Synthesis and single ion spices because they are "single one", in the presence of a separate, if not light, heat, humidity, affect air oxidation or store, but for a long time, from pollution, their aroma, most of the more consistent , it is said to be relatively stable. The natural flavor, because they are multi-component mixture of these ingredients vary in size, volume and chemical properties are different, things are not different from the rate of evaporation, so relatively speaking, their fragrance stability to be worse. Aroma, some varieties before and after the difference is obvious. Some essential oils such as natural flavors, because it contains more easier to gather the whole or change terpenoids, which will lead to significant changes on the aroma. Synthesis and single ion spices and natural flavors, their chemical composition and structure characteristics of active functional groups and physical properties, etc., is an important factor in whether they adapt to radical fragrant medium compatible or compatibility related to, for example, a plus Hong media due to the addition of certain spices and turbid, or precipitation, or emulsion damage, or discoloration or coloring, or variation application performance, quality or packaging vessel wall changes and other phenomena, which suggests that this spice in this perfuming medium and ask such packaging materials are unstable.