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The feeling of taking phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)

Date : 2016/8/24 11:59:18

What can we feel after taking phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)? Let's take a look at a guy's answer.

Euphoria: After taking phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) , sometimes I experience a warm, overcoming euphoria creep up on me during come-up. This has significantly helped me keep out of depressive anhedonic states and make me feel good. Everything seems more interesting and intriguing, it is such a good experience. Music sounds much better as well. I feel as if I'm more connected to everything around me. It also makes me more social and talkative towards others, it make me became more outgoing. I have more confidence within myself and reduced anxiety that can be explained in what I have experienced in the "reduced stress" section. 

Increased motivation: I have much more motivation than ever before, I became more active. I have the motivation to be very productive and get many things done within a day. I have a "get it done" mentality. What I mean is that when I have something to do, such as chores or homework, I do not hesitate, procrastinate, or think negatively about it. I do not say "ugh I really do not want to do this right now". The phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)  helps me act as if procrastination is a thing that does not exist anymore. 

Increased concentration: I have higher concentration every time. It's not like the concentration you get from stimulants. It's more of a concentration you get from feeling motivated and more intrigued. This is probably why I don't feel like a robot doing a repetitive action when I take other stimulants. My mind does tend to wander off at times when coming down or if I'm sleep deprived.

Quicker Learning: This is one of the most interesting effects. Learning and processing information is has become incredibly easy when I take phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) . If I read a book, or whenever I'm in calculus, everything seems to make sense. I rarely have to reread a paragraph because I didn't understand it. I rarely have to ask questions in math because whenever something is explained, I am able to logically understand and follow the explanations. So far, I have a perfect 100 in calculus 3, and still going. The phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)  truly helps in processing information at a quicker pace than most other people.

Reduced stress: I don't worry as much when I take phenylpiracetam. I believe the effects I listed above contribute towards it. Because I am able to keep myself busy with chores or homework, I have a reduced stress level. Since I know I am getting stuff done, I don't have to worry about it later. Again, this has to do with reducing procrastination.

Increased memory: This is exactly the same kind of effect I get from piracetam and noopept. I have a much better short-term memory, and increased long-term memory (if taken on a regular basis). I am able to remember things that I thought I would have never remembered again. It's like saying "Wow, I forgot I even had that memory still in my brain". I have looked at long equations once or twice, and been able to remember them accurately after several days. Rarely, I can remember what I learned or saw weeks later. However, it is much weaker than most other nootropics that increase memory. Whereas noopept can practically give you a photographic memory where you can remember things from years ago, phenylpiracetam only increases memory to a certain point where you can remember things from several days ago.

Increased motor skills: I have a much higher agility in my movements and quicker responses. It is very subtle though. I can only tell whenever I am typing and I realize I am typing much faster and more accurately than normal. I don't fumble as much when I take out my wallet to hand the cashier my card or cash. Everything I do with my hands is much more swift, accurate, quick, and effecient. 

Increased physical endurance: phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)  causes a much lower fatigue when doing physical activity. It's very noticeable. Whenever I walk up a case of stairs or ride my bike, I have less fatigue while performing the action, and practically zero fatigue right after it. I run 2-3 times a week and whenever I do, I can run longer distances. I can run a half to three quarters of a mile just breathing through my nostrils. Physical activity, whether it be exercise or just walking up a hill, is much easier than before.