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Tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) has a unique pharmacological action

Date : 2016/8/23 11:09:59

A novel antidepressant tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2), the drug unlike traditional antidepressants, has a unique pharmacological action, increase the presynaptic reuptake of 5-HT, the storage vesicles increase of 5-HT, and change its activity, the synaptic cleft 5-HT concentration reduction mechanism and the opposite of SSRIs, but the clinical observation that tianeptine has the closest of SSRIs antidepressant effect. Tianeptine went public in 2000 in China.

Tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) is a kind of antidepressant. Along with the rapid development of human society, depression, positive attitude to expanding to become one of the common expression of modern society. According to World Health Organization published "2002 World Health Organization report," Depression has now become the world's fourth largest illness by 2020 could become the second largest after heart disease, it is a serious global problem. In China, the survey also shows that the prevalence of depression showed an upward trend, the current prevalence in the adult population of approximately 3% to 5%, the lifetime prevalence is about 7%.

Throughout antidepressants in global health research, showing two trends: First, to further development of new indications for existing antidepressants, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder treatment; second, to further  development of new products.