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The detection of phenylpiracetam (cas 77472-70-9)

Date : 2016/8/22 13:58:46

Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)  Doping detection the first detection was qualitative detection, general requirements for banned drugs or metabolites thereof shall not be detected in the urine detection, first screened with a suitable method to extract a good deal with the separation, the retention value data such as identification, were not detected was negative, no longer consider; if detected in doping shall be performed in order to confirm the second step, the general spectrum of the drug and other data with the standard, positive in urine by chromatography figure and spectra comparison, if the two are completely same, that can be sure the presence of the drug.

The development of phenylpiracetam (cas 77472-70-9) detection means:

Since the beginning of 1968 for doping testing, chromatography has been using 30 years, chromatography is considered to be an ideal means of detection. With the development of analytical chemistry is disabled and new drugs, testing methods are evolving Perfection and 1967 for stimulating agent system with two extraction methods to detect gas chromatography (GC), thin layer chromatography (TLC) were isolated and identified using four GC column packed with a hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID). since 1972 started using a computer, using a temperature programmed techniques and detection of nitrogen and phosphorus detector (NPD) 1976 Nian has started using gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS) combined with technology to detect steroid use RIA screening GC-MS spectra. 1980 using capillary gas chromatography to 1984, this method has the basic shape of GC-MS spectrometry, and increased high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) detection. Most of the later work is method of detecting certain drugs to improve, such as urine treatment improvements, the introduction of new chemical derivatization reagent derived. in recent years, due to the micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MEKC), immunoassay, GC-MS -MS and the rapid development of other means of capillary electrophoresis in the analysis of doping has been widely used. In the past, blood erythropoietin (EPO), due to the confusion as to which is the body's self-generated, and those are the drug supply, so it's no good analysis measurement method, in 2000, Australian scientists have made a breakthrough in this regard, at the Sydney Olympics has taken a combination of blood and urine tests to detect EPO. EPO detection of the international study of 5 one of cooperating countries, is now fully capable of referring to EPO detection methods adopted by the IOC to implement blood test.