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Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9): doping tests

Date : 2016/8/19 14:50:40

The doping is actually refers to "drug abuse". Due to excited drugs stimulants was first used and disabled, although after all is not doping of banned drugs, but the world still continue to use doping. Phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) was listed as illicit drugs by the international Olympic committee (IOC). Specifically, doping is refers to the international Olympic committee (IOC) and other international sports organizations have banned drugs and methods. Illustration of the definition of the international Olympic committee (IOC) is about the use of drugs: athletes use any form of drugs, or with abnormal amount, or abnormal intake by physiological substances, with the artificial and improper ways to improve their ability of competition. Doping tests accurately is the abuse of drug testing, English name is "doping control".

Since 1968 doping tests, at the beginning, there are only 8 kinds of the banned drugs, and by 1976, including 5 kinds of steroid assimilation hormonal, disabled doping has reached of 31, in 1988, the banned drugs in up to 100, in 1990, cancel the chlorine ester wake of stimulants, added four kind of a class of drugs, 103 kinds of banned drugs, added a pharmacological methods banned drugs (such as probenecid, inhibits anabolic steroids in urine after taking out), a total of 104 species, 1995 of the banned drugs increased to 108 species, including the structure, properties and efficacy is similar to the banned drugs (relatedsubstances), in fact, the number of banned drugs will greatly more than 108 kinds. Although phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9) has has nootropic function, but it still used by some athletes as stimulant.

Since started to doping tests, analytical chemistry, especially in pharmaceutical analysis is a powerful means of doping tests. With the development of separation technology in analytical chemistry and the emergence of new analytical instruments, more doping can be detected, but doping(phenylpiracetam(cas 77472-70-9)) detection is still difficult, because of illegal drug in the body content is very low; Sometimes need to detect its metabolites, and the metabolism of the drug in the body is relatively complex, several reaction may occur at the same time; In the process of drug metabolism, users of different individual differences; And medication time length is different, the concentration of the drug in the body; After some stimulants in metabolism, may be converted to other classes of drugs; For different drugs to choose a different, appropriate separation detection methods; New drugs are also growing at the same time, it puts forward new challenges to the chemical analysis test, the requirements for more accurate, rapid and convenient analysis method.