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Tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) improve asthma and depression

Date : 2016/8/17 11:56:51

Clinical evaluation tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) tablets to treat stroke and depression. Methods: 230 cases of post-stroke depression were divided into treatment group and the control group of 120 patients, 110 cases efficacy was evaluated according to the HAMD depression score and neurological function after 6 weeks. Results: After treatment, the treatment group than the control group. Conclusion tatinol good stroke depression treatment efficacy, less side effects, worthy of promotion.

For major depressive disorder (MDD) and dysthymic disorder (DD) factors related to demographic data, neuroendocrine, life events, personality disorders, antidepressant efficacy of tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) were compared efficacy study evaluated the effects of related factors Conclusion: this study showed that MDD group and the DD group in the general demographic data (except starting ages), neuroendocrine, life events, personality disorders (except compulsive) as well as aspects of the overall effect of antidepressants and so there was no significant differences, therefore hypothesis: according to the study of MDD and DD study data suggest that 8-week treatment period, MDD and DD may be different manifestations of the same disease, but by taking into account the study sample size restrictions. To make the conclusions more objective and scientific evaluation should also continue to expand the sample size.

Venezuela and US researchers reported tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) enables clinical severity of asthma suddenly get a dramatic improvement. The researchers explained that the severity level of asthma symptoms in plasma free 5-HT gum positively correlated, this product is to improve the platelets and serotonergic neurons for serotonin uptake while reducing free serotonin levels.