News Introduction

1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7)is an indispensable additive products

Date : 2016/8/23 11:58:26

Flavor, especially 1,4-dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7), is an indispensable additive products in sunflower seeds and nuts, which, backing the use of flavors, is particularly important. In recent years, sunflower seeds, nuts numerous flavors used in the product, the quality is uneven, difficult to distinguish good and bad. As people of sunflower seeds and nuts growing demand for food, fragrance use in sunflower seeds and nuts in food are expanding, people are increasingly concerned about food safety and the role of sunflower seeds and nuts flavor to food.

Often, people often use milk, aniseed base, and then supplemented by other masters such as scent: vanilla, cinnamon, milk, tea and nuts, sunflower seeds and other products to enhance the taste and quality. The process, the flavor selection was puzzled, rendering the flavor, we have both fragrant lasting, good taste, but also with the main fragrance intact, can not afford a conflict; it is necessary to run through the front and rear, without distracting. 1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) is one of the flavors that often use in nuts.

Taking into account the importance of backing flavor flavored sunflower seeds and nuts for products, we propose a new record prepared by the fantasy seeds (nuts) research topics at the end of fragrance and flavor, sunflower seeds and nuts to meet the needs of production.