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Tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) and neuron

Date : 2016/8/8 11:41:41

Effect of tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) and lithium salts of neuropeptide Y expression in the hippocampus of chronic stress rats: Objective: With the development of depression etiology and pathogenesis research, we know that severe stressors can significantly increase the likelihood of the occurrence of individual susceptibility to affective disorder, with effect on stress-induced HPA axis and hippocampal structure and function the further, people come to realize that the hippocampus plays an important role in chronic stress-induced depression in. Recent research has prompted stress on the nervous system plasticity and adaptability damage cells may be intrinsic pathological physiological basis of affective disorders. Over the past decade, the focus of research of depression are concentrated on compliance and plasticity of hippocampal neurons. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) neuropeptide family as an important one, it plays an important role in the hippocampus involved in stress injury and related protection mechanisms.
Effect of tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) and lithium salts CAMPK-Ⅱ in hippocampus of chronic stress rats: Autopsy studies of neurological and images more and more evidence that severe emotional disorders and plasticity of the nervous system structure and compliance-related cell damage. Hippocampal neurons in the nervous system plasticity is an important part, it plays an important role in the study of depression etiology and pathogenesis. Therefore, in-depth study of stress and hippocampal neuronal plasticity relationship, revealing the mechanism of stress damage to the hippocampus, found effective in blocking or reversing measures to protect hippocampal neurons, would be of great significance and clinical application.
Thiophene concentration in human plasma tianeptine sodium by high performance liquid chromatography. Methods: DiamonsilTM C18 reverse phase column (4 6mm × 250mm, 5μm) as a mobile phase of methanol -0 3mol / L ammonium acetate (80:20), flow rate of 0 8ml / min, detection wavelength of 220nm, to ethyl acetate as the extraction agent. Results: tianeptine sodium(CAS 30123-17-2) high average recoveries and low concentrations were 9763% 9760% 9367% difference between day precision less than 5% (n = 5); Analysis the quantitative determination of a lower limit of 0 2μg / ml. The linear range of 1 0 ~ 83 33μg / ml, the regression equation was Y = 6 05 × 10-2X +8 18 × 10-1, r = 0 9994 (n = 12).