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1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) Price

Date : 2016/8/2 11:21:12

Shanxi Jin-jin Chemical Co.,Ltd specializes in supply all kinds of purity reagents, such as 1,4-dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7), including: excellent pure, analytical chemistry pure reagent grade, reference reagents, laboratory pure, teaching reagents, high purity reagents, chromatography, spectroscopy pure, pure electronics. Quality assurance, specifically the sale of research reagents, more favorable price! Welcome to inquire!
CAS: 150-78-7
Use: Biochemical studies
Appearance: powder
Save: RT
Chromatography: Qualified
Stock: Spot
1,4-Dimethoxybenzene(cas 150-78-7) Storage conditions: dark, dry and cool place closed storage, and non-toxic, hazardous materials mix, mixed operation. This product is non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transport, light moving light, to prevent the sun and rain.
Source: Biochemical Reagents top international suppliers, 100% guaranteed
Note: The above description is for reference only, does not mean that you receive the product, this description exactly matches the standard of products manufactured, see the quality standards.
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